Jacksonville, Florida

The audience member at the governor's news conference said the Republican's policies had allowed “people to hunt people like me.”
The white supremacist also stopped at a Family Dollar before a security guard's presence likely led him to instead target the Dollar General down the road.
The fatal shooting of three Black people by a white supremacist was a painful reminder that the remnants of racism continue to fester in the Florida city.
Florida state Rep. Angie Nixon (D) went after the governor and the state's GOP for "doing nothing but hurting" the Black community.
The Florida governor did not get a warm welcome from those mourning the three people killed in Saturday's racist attack.
Ryan Palmeter used an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and a Glock handgun in the shooting, Sheriff T.K. Waters said during a press conference.
The Tennessee state lawmaker went after politicians' "thoughts and prayers" in the wake of a Florida shooting that a sheriff described as "racially motivated."
“Everybody said it could not be done in Jacksonville, Florida,” said Deegan, the first woman elected to lead the 13th-biggest U.S. city.
In a letter to the judge, Kamiyah Mobley referred to her kidnapper, Gloria Williams, as "my mother" and said she had lived a "well-rounded life."
Jacksonville's Acosta Bridge was allowed to shine bright for LGBTQ rights one day after officials rejected the display, saying it violated state regulations.