Jacob Frey

The plan cuts nearly $8 million from the $179 million policing budget and redirects it to mental health teams, violence prevention programs and other initiatives.
A veto-proof majority of the Minneapolis City Council pledged to dismantle the police department following George Floyd’s death in the city.
Protesters booed Mayor Jacob Frey and told him to leave the protest after he said he supported police reform but not abolishing the department altogether.
"When the looting starts, the shooting starts," the president wrote as Minneapolis erupted for a third straight day.
The demonstrations turned violent in some areas after officers used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters near a police station.
“Why is the man who killed George Floyd not in jail?” mayor Jacob Frey asked of the white police officer who kneeled on a Black man’s neck.
The move comes after a video showed an officer kneeling on the neck of Floyd, an unarmed Black man, on Monday.
President Donald Trump is being slammed for disregarding to pay back cities for holding his campaign rallies.
In an op-ed for the Washington Post, Jacob Frey expressed his concern that the Trump campaign will not reimburse the Minnesota city after holding a costly rally.
It's the latest blast between Trump and Mayor Jacob Frey, who wants the Trump campaign to cover its costs to his city.