Jacob Lawrence

At age 23 Jacob Lawrence undertook this encompassing and ambitious series. The tradition of narrative history painting, the highest ideal of European painting since Giotto, but largely dormant since the early 1800's, had been revived in the contemporary mural cycles of Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco.
It's begging for a comparison to Ferguson. But you’ll have to provide that yourself.
While it skews predictably toward a New York-centric perspective, it succeeds in many ways by introducing the works of lesser-known or hitherto marginalized artists alongside canonical classics.
Nearly two years to the day after Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tenn., TIME magazine published a cover
Although Andrews has become known for his later images, which were typically easier and lighter, the strength of There Must Be a Heaven lies in showing how long it took for Andrews to get to a place of peace.
2011-12-03-Screenshot20111203at10.01.48AM.pngMost demarcations of historical epochs are necessarily vague. Not this one.
A high percentage of artists and craftspeople have no health or studio insurance, creating a small margin for any type of sickness or accident that may occur.
One way in which artists often judge the solidity of their relationship with their dealers is the number of telephone calls
We've taken a bit of a break with this feature, but we figured with the back-to-school spirit in full swing, now is the perfect
With all of Dr. King-Hammond's success, nothing may bring her more satisfaction then the gift of spreading the love that art can bring to one's life. This is something the doctor can attest to first hand.