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"So long as you were dressing up as a character," she said.
Reporters on the tour were asked to smile at the kids because they "feel like animals locked up in cages being looked at," an employee said.
Trump's rallies are as hot a commodity as Jerry Springer tickets. His "fans" are there for the spectacle not the substance. They want the hockey fight, not the game itself. The game bores them. They just come for the brawls and bloodshed. And Trump gives 'em plenty of both. "Don-ald, Don-ald, Don-ald!"
After the shocking claims yesterday that their company would never feature gay families in their advertisements and those
"These are shows by our generation for our generation," Soboroff said. And steering away from comparisons to the now-defunct
Detroit may be the largest city to declare bankruptcy but it probably won't be the last. As more and more cities begin to feel the weight of their debts and pension obligations, Detroit's actions could set a precedent. Guest Dan Pellissier joins to discuss.
"It's not happening," Christie bluntly told HuffPost Live host Jacob Soboroff at the Points of Light Conference on Volunteering
Journalist Michael Hastings, who died Tuesday in a Los Angeles car crash, was a frequent guest on HuffPost Live, appearing
Canada's pivot campaign is underway to attract more entrepreneurs and startups. If the U.S. doesn't reform its immigration policy and soon, we may lose a great deal of skilled immigrants to Canada and other more inclusive countries. Guest Daniel Tencer joins Jacob to discuss.
"I was able to sneak up and shake his hand, I held it tight and told him I was on a mission to free my dad," she told HuffPost
Human evolution, solar flares, and the Big Bang all made headlines this week. But did you miss the news? Don't worry -- I
From the lightest material on Earth to elusive dark matter, many fascinating science stories made headlines this week. I
From body hacking to a two-headed bull shark, I recently had the chance to reveal some of the hottest science news that made
From one of the oldest-known preserved human dissections, to a "knot" tied with water, the week was filled with interesting
A supermassive black hole's speed of rotation, the jaw of a prehistoric predator, and brain-to-brain communication are just
Silicon Valley investors and entrepreneurs have introduced the start-up world to local prisoners. We chat with Tulio Cardozo, a prisoner who graduated from the program and began his own tech start-up.
Jose Antonio Vargas, founder of Define American, joins Jacob in-studio after hosting the White House's "Fireside Hangout" earlier today about immigration reform.