Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma, who was forced to resign last month, was charged with corruption over a $2.5 billion state arms deal.
Ramaphosa has fulfilled his long-held ambition to lead the country.
The South African president's departure marks the end of a term beset by corruption and poor governance.
The decision brings an end to his nine scandal-plagued years in power.
His scandal-plagued years in power darkened and divided Nelson Mandela’s “Rainbow Nation.”
Elections in Rwanda and Kenya yield mixed results. In South Africa, cronyism wins the day.
Seven times the Parliament of South Africa had voted on a motion of no-confidence in President Jacob Zuma. And seven times
Though the president dodged a devastating loss, his people have not.
“The atmosphere was peaceful but serious about the message and issue of Jacob Zuma not being fit for president.”
“I’m not saying it's going to be the same as in a Third-World country. I’m saying it will be much worse.”