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Larraín also perfectly manages a highly skilled tech crew: Cinematographer Stéphane Fontaine (A Prophet) picks close-ups
Thanks to First Lady Michelle Obama and her amazing staff, Let's Move! has made amazing progress over the past few years
Her biopic about the first lady is currently filming.
In March 1964, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. interviewed his famously private friend Jacqueline
The 79 pictures are part of an auction that also includes a maternity dress worn by Jackie Kennedy when she was pregnant
It looks like Natalie Portman may be securing another Oscar or two. For more, head to Variety. Just days after it was revealed
NEW YORK, April 9 (Reuters) - A diamond brooch given by Spain's King Alfonso XII to his wife as a wedding gift and ruby ear
Mitsosa Luggage - Multiple locations Spinners, carry-ons and more from various brands (Bric's, Tumi, Hartmann and more) in
As expected, the news of Ben Bradlee's passing brought accolades for his work as editor of The Washington Post. He and the Post helped instill a new word into our national vocabulary: Watergate. But my one encounter with Mr. Bradlee was in a different context.