Jacques Torres

Are you a real "foodie," or do you love the idea of rubbing shoulders with celebrity chefs whom you've been watching for
Charlie Palmer's foie gras mousseline with bing cherries was also a favorite. Light and fluffy, it was beautifully smooth. And who could resist Francois Payard's tasting table full of macaroons? Each was accompanied by a wink and French charm.
Happy Passover - Happy Easter! As always, I focus on the sugary for these joyous holidays - chocolate treats that promise even sweeter days in the spring and summer to come.
With the holidays around the corner, it can often be intimidating to think of all the potential gifts you need to procure for co-workers, friends and family. But Jacques Torres has a simple, quick and inexpensive solution: chocolate bark.
Morrell - One Rockefeller Plaza Tell the expert consultants here your meal plans and your budget, and you will get the perfect
When you are enjoying your dessert this Valentine's Day, think about the fascinating microbes that made it all possible.
At long last, New York's Upper East Side welcomes back Pâtisserie François Payard. "This place is all about bringing a new 'Payard' and that was the challenge."
When you talk to chefs about food, you're going to hear about family. Culinary school may be where they learned to cook for us, but at home is where they learned to eat.
What are Easter, Passover, or even just spring without a little chocolate? New York has many places to buy that sweet treat. Here are some favorites.
Supposedly, it was invented by chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten in 1987 when he accidentally undercooked a batch of mini chocolate
Hot chocolate may be one of the best things about winter. We've tested brands to find the best packs to keep around -- read on for our verdicts!
It's time to revisit where to buy the world's best treat -- chocolate. Whether you love your chocolate light and sweet, or dark and bitter, there are plenty of places old and new to indulge.
2011-02-09-chocolatepull.gifFor the best that NYC has to offer, get your chocolate fix at these incredible chocolatiers.
The 13th Annual New York City Chocolate Show kicked off with a Chocolate Fashion Show. The models sporting chocolate couture still wowed the audience.
I am not one of those Canadians whose nationalism is accompanied by knee jerk anti-Americanism. I don't need to hate America to feel Canadian.
Where are today's and tomorrow's top toques? Alumnae of the premiere culinary college in the U.S. frequent culinary awards
Jacques Torres, the master chocolatier, revealed some plans last night that will no doubt be sweet news to chocoholics, New Yorkers and visitors to this city.
Each delicacy is decorated with either a donkey or an elephant. With four different white-chocolate flavors in the running