For a professional wrestler, a headlock is a common maneuver inside the ring. But for TNA Total Impact's Jade there was one headlock that felt particularly threatening.
Myanmar's multi-billion dollar jade industry is controlled by its powerful military.
This period of collecting, so poignant for Chinese, is considered the Golden Age of jade collecting by western collectors
Ever. ArteSano Project. Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic. December, 2014. (photo © Mario E Ramirez/TostFilms.com) JAZ. ArteSano
I've never really thought much about jade. Perhaps it's because in New York (where I currently reside) there are thousands of jade bracelets for sale on almost every street corner for around $5. But I was schooled hard in Mandalay, Myanmar, where I hit the world-famous jade market.
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The Visit Guatemala Flash Report in the Investigations of Market Section of Statistics reported the number of tourists coming
We St. Louisians are pulling for baby elephant Jade, and hope the anti-viral medications and round-the-clock care she is receiving save her life.