Jaeden Lieberher

I had an opportunity to connect with Lieberher about the role, what he learned from Clive Owen and his advice to young actors
The young actor's latest movie, "Midnight Special," opens this weekend.
A beautiful moment presents itself when I ask Lieberher how he prepared for such an extraordinary role, which he admits he
Michael Shannon and Jeff Nichols' latest collaboration opens March 18.
Berlin, so far, has been cathartic for me. I've watched a movie, The Dreamed Ones by Ruth Beckermann, that reinvents the idea of romance and takes it to a cerebral level, thus suggesting the concept that in order to love, we don't have to be next to a person, it's enough to feel them to carry them in our heart.
Whitney: I cannot help being stuck on Watts' Daka, a Russian stripper/dancer/kind-of-girlfriend to Vincent. This was the
Everyone knows kids make hardened adults all soft and mushy -- even Bill Murray. In "St. Vincent," Murray plays Melissa McCarthy's