The Foo Fighters performed a surprise 20-song set at the 9:30 Club in honor of Washington D.C. Go-Go legend Big Tony on Monday
Buchanan drank the $80 worth of shots on his own, one after the next, according to reports. Police say that Buchanan then
100% terrible. Two ingredients never meant to be mixed and a drink that should never be uttered. 11. Snake Bile Wine Bile
For years, I've read about the so-called "Black List" of screenplays: allegedly great scripts which, for some reason, Hollywood ignores because it would rather make dumb crap like The Lone Ranger.
Liquor lobbyists continued to attend National Association of Broadcasters conventions to remind stations that they could
Santorum probably could have become the Republican nominee if he just admitted that he drank a lot. Americans would understand. "Oh, Ricky just gets that way when he's hitting the bottle. He doesn't really mean it. Let him sleep it off."
As the holiday shopping season enters its frenzied final days, there will inevitably pop up on your shopping list friends or relatives for whom you have to get a gift, but no idea what to buy them.
There's a simple and age-old remedy for overindulging that can be found in your local liquor store. These traditional spirits supposedly help settle the stomach and aid in digestion.
KCRW's pledge drive became a one-week hedonistic window during which students from across UCLA's Greek system flocked to a fraternity house to play "basically a non-stop week-long game of quarters."
"My mom is always like 'I can't believe you got drunk and then drove our new car into a lake again'. I'm like fuck you! I like to party! You're just mad because you can't party as hard as me! Delta Chi forever!"
Clinton's followers, feeling the audacity of plagiarism, adopt, "Yes, we will" as their rallying cry: + 50 Clinton delegates believing in change you can Xerox.