The actor opens up about his new movie "Primal," the truth about the Loch Ness monster and releasing his inner jaguar.
The woman sustained injuries to her arm that aren't life-threatening, according to Arizona's Wildlife World Zoo.
The young male was sedated without incident an hour after he was spotted roaming free.
A photo appears to show that Yo'oko, a young male jaguar, was killed and skinned.
If I told automotive manufacturers as few as eight years ago that electric cars would go mainstream, achieve 350 miles on
When it comes to rental cars, I’m picky. I like mine newish, but not brand new, roomy but not oversized, and stylish without
Animal rights groups are outraged that Juma the jaguar was killed.
Beijing takes cheating very seriously, and there is a new law now that brands any cheating as criminal. As you know, cheating