jail reform

Eleven places will each get at least $1 million to reduce their jail population.
Would you willingly spend 60 days behind bars?
Providing programs in jail that teach job skills and prepare inmates for employment will reduce the chance that they will return after they are released--saving money in the long run and improving public safety. However, meaningful inmate programming can be costly.
After watching three episodes of Orange is the New Black, season 3, I find that it is not as terrifying or funny as the previous episodes, and I am grateful. The series continues to humanize the women, sharing their stories, their challenges, and how even when there a moments of hope and light, the reality of the downward spiral comes back to haunt them.
Money can certainly help. This week, the MacArthur Foundation announced that it will give 20 grants of $150,000 each to various
“LA County has yet to even attempt any real alternative to incarceration,” she said. “This should be the most urgent priority