The show's creator and stars open up about the show's sophomore season.
It's a lot of fun talking with Jaime Camil, an icon throughout Latin America who's currently blazing new territory as the hugely popular Rogelio De La Vega, on the hit CBS series Jane the Virgin.
How awesome is it that “Jane the Virgin” rewarded our faith in it with an incredibly strong and entertaining first season
Head over to to read more from the interview. “The 50 million plus Latinos living in this country, they watch
He also made a guest role appearance in the comedy/drama sitcom, “Devious Maids.” The Mexican galan Jaime Camil, best known
You did the crossover process but you never abandoned your work in telenovelas, why is that? With an extensive career working
“This is a different movie and a unique type of romantic comedy,” he said. “And it has all the right ingredients for people