JAIPUR, INDIA Known as the “Pink City,” the capital of Rajasthan envelopes you in a history lesson as soon as you take in
And where to stay while there.
DO: Sunset Cruise on Lake Pichola, Udaipur. The end of day is the perfect time to cruise around this manmade lake surrounded
10. Have dinner at Cinnamon - in a lovely, cozy lilac-hued space within the Jai Mahal Palace Hotel, Jaipur. Indian cuisine
I'm worried about my friend and his family and the rising heat as a consequence of man-made climate change. My connection
In the villages outside of Jaipur, India, the centuries old craft of hand block printing is making a comeback.
The nice part to being in a city longer than some might suggest is that you get to take it slowly. We are so used to waking up at 6:00 a.m., being out all day and all night then not going to bed until 1:00 a.m. Well, that's how it's been on other trips in the past (talk about a dictatorship). But here in Jaipur, we have time.
It's always been known to me that Jaipur is referred to as the Pink City but I never knew why, until today.
We left Ranthambore National Park after a very impressive and fulfilling three nights. What an incredible time we had. Thank you to the entire Khem Villas staff for being so gracious and hospitable.
A local fruit and vegetable stand... A fancy horse (which I believe was for an Indian wedding that night)... Tarpan and Saskia
Jaipur The next day we were on our way for another 5 hours to our last triangle stop and destination: Jaipur (located in
In June of 2015, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Smart Cities Challenge, a competition amongst Indian cities designed to accelerate and inspire more sustainable, citizen centric and effective urban development.
Cold Morning in Khejarla In the Upper Right is the Massive Hill Fort at Jodhpur A special thanks to my guide Digvijay Singh
Yes, transplant (read kidney and liver) is a predominately living donor industry in India (and an extremely successful one at that), but there is room for deceased donor transplant to grow here alongside the impressively world class living donor transplant activity.
Over the past ten years, India's status as a place to do business has grown immensely. According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), India is the 10th largest business travel market in the world.
No one wants to be deemed second-best, yet there it is, right in the title of the film: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The result when you succumb to sequel-itis: Let's take this delightful little surprise hit and try to duplicate its success without doing anything original. 
After his MD, my father moved from his hometown Jaipur to bustling Mumbai to become a nationally recognized cardiologist.
I had come, for a set time, with a specific task, without training, with the goal to save the world. I went to India with the audacity that my very being would somehow change the public education system of an entire country.
Benjamin Moe, 21-year-old co-founder and editor-in-chief of Table Talk, sneaks about the dimly lit corridors of a coal factory in rural Jaipur, tacking CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS to the factory's rusty insides.