Video showed body parts scattered near the gates of a packed Roman Catholic cathedral on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island.
The Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737 lost contact Saturday almost 45 minutes into a 90-minute flight from Jakarta to Pontianak.
The volcano, known to be very active, shot ash and lava into the sky on Saturday.
The protests, which have at times turned violent, have seen police firing tear gas and water cannons at rock-throwing protesters.
The site for a possible new capital city has not been announced.
The country's communications ministry claimed posts depicting the struggles of gay Muslims were "pornographic."
The island volcano's alert status has been raised to the second-highest level after a tsunami killed at least 430 people.
The Boeing 737 crashed into the sea on Oct. 29, minutes after taking off in Jakarta.
The National Search and Rescue Agency said that 10 intact bodies, as well as body parts, have been recovered.
While the oceans fill up with plastic waste, a horrifying crisis unfolds on land.