***** "Brooklyn" Directed by John Crowley Written by Nick Hornby (based on the book of the same title by Colm Tóibín) Starring
Sometimes we wish life were like the movies. (Really, we almost always wish that.) The thing is, some movies are not so enviable
Have Nick and Jess broken up forever? I don’t know; I don’t write it. This season, they fight all the time. I think Nick
Here's our new favorite movie: "Let's Be Cops," a buddy comedy that lets "New Girl" pals Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr
He might portray underachieving bartender Nick Miller on "New Girl," but Jake Johnson is assuming a more authoritarian role
Almost immediately after learning that 12-year-old "Iron Man 3" actor Ty Simpkins is in consideration for "Jurassic World
Since Wayans' character, Coach, was replaced by Winston after the pilot, it would make sense for Coach to try and reclaim
Deadline.com reported on Monday that Simpkins is under consideration to play one of the "Jurassic World" leads, this after
We already covered the most hilarious reactions to the government shutdown, but there's plenty more to talk about when it
Hallelujah, the gang is back. And lucky for us, "New Girl" is not one of those shows that picks up three years after they left off. Season 3 finds Jess and Nick riding up, up and away from Cece's wedding hall, giddy and elated.
In case you didn't have time to play catch-up over the summer, or forgot some of the show's major plot points, let's take