Jake Paul

The YouTuber celebrated his brutal punch in the dressing room with his girlfriend.
"You can’t tell me I can’t beat Mike Tyson," boasted the YouTube personality.
Outlets questioned whether Mayweather actually held up a knocked-out Paul to keep the fight going.
The team announcing Logan Paul's bout versus Floyd Mayweather gave the boxer's brother some real talk.
The controversial YouTuber grabbed the boxing legend’s hat and taunted him schoolboy-style by saying, “Gotcha hat!”
The YouTuber boxer said the "SNL" comedian won't be invited to be a commentator for the next bout.
The "Saturday Night Live" star took down the YouTube personality with some brutal barbs.
The ex-New York Knick was brutally humbled by the controversial YouTuber in a boxing match.
The Wednesday morning search was conducted by what TMZ described as “a small militia in armored trucks.”
The YouTube star was charged with two misdemeanors after video showed him inside a closed mall in Scottsdale while it was being looted.