Jake Sullivan

The president previously called the idea a “worthwhile thought."
As Israel's bombardment on Gaza enters a new phase, the president is pressing leaders in the region to think hard about their eventual postwar reality.
Israel cut off the flow of water, medicine, food and electricity to Gaza, leaving Palestinians to ration dwindling supplies and drink dirty or brackish water.
Tensions between the two countries continue as the U.S. released video of a Chinese navy ship crossing into the path of a U.S. destroyer over the weekend.
The Secret Service is investigating whether the person intentionally went into the home or whether it was some kind of accident.
President Joe Biden's decision comes amid a growing concern about whether China will provide military support to Russia in the yearlong war.
The United Nations Economic and Social Council voted to immediately oust Iran from the U.N.’s premiere global body fighting for gender equality.
National security adviser Jake Sullivan said Russia could now end the war by simply withdrawing from Ukraine.
“He is going to act methodically," White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Sunday.
U.S. adviser Jake Sullivan made clear during an “intense” seven-hour meeting that the Biden administration has deep concerns about China’s alignment with Russia.