Jakob Dylan

He looks a lot like his also-famous father.
Last weekend in Los Angeles, when all the teens and the people who still think they are teens were at Coachella, the legendary Troubadour nightclub in West Hollywood was, nonetheless sold out for an amazing show and a great cause.
Chatting with Donny Osmond, Melissa Manchester, Louise Goffin, Meitel and Rumer.
This year, which is the fifteenth since the foundation was established, Light of Day has expanded to become a multi-genre, multi-venue, multi-continent extravaganza, which spans ten days in the New York-New Jersey area alone annually.
It's not often that a musician serenades an interviewer over the phone, but these were unusual circumstances.
"There are more love songs than anything else," Frank Zappa once pointed out. "If songs could make you do something, we'd all love one another."
Williams didn't pull the trigger as fast as she talks, though. After the release of Here With Me, her life was filled with
Glad All Over sounds like The Wallflowers we know and love, and sometimes it sounds even better.
Soon the 2012 Olympics will end, and the games of life as we know it will continue. Here are five things I love right now that may help fill up all of our lives in between the Closing Ceremonies and the raging amusement parks of the Conventions.
In this track, "Top of the World," Pablo references Bob, well aware of the double-edged sword being the grandson of a legend