A faction of the Pakistani Taliban called Jamaat-ul-Ahrar claimed responsibility for the attack that killed at least 65 people.
Five others were sentenced to prison for the slaying.
The pair were convicted of war crimes committed during the country's 1971 war of independence.
COWAL: Trinidad had its little political moment. That was just about the time of the Gulf War. The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
Ghulam Azam, a war criminal, died in a Bangladeshi prison on October 23 while serving a 90-year sentence.
This project is the responsibility of Muslims themselves. It cannot be imposed from the outside. But it is necessary to tame religion, bring it back to the private sphere, and separate it from politics.
Pakistan's Islamic parties have long wielded influence through street politics; political and, at times, ideological alliances with the army; and support to militant groups. They are key players that merit continued study. Vying for Allah's Vote examines their origins, ideologies, bases of support, and relationship with extremism and civilian rule.
Muslims favor democracy, symbiotic coexistence with others and a system of governance that best reflects their own ethical values. Islamists like the ruling secularists they deposed have not been able to translate this aspiration into effective governance.
Opponents of Jamaat-e-Islami say it is a fundamentalist group with no place in a secular country. Bangladesh is predominantly
Born in bloodshed, Bangladesh seeks a justice long overdue. Regrettably, the very judicial body responsible for delivering that justice instead threatens to further deny it.
"Muzzling the voice of freethinking bloggers: An alarming development in Bangladesh!” read the headline of a post by A.H
What is perhaps the most traumatic for the collective conscience of most Bangladeshis, including first generation Bangladeshi
In a despicable event, the citizens of Karachi were stopped from holding a shave-a-thon to break the world record of mass shaving.
The seemingly unending scuffle over the name of Allah has imploded the fragile society of Malaysia that is already teeming with racial disputes. The rising violence should not be a surprise.