jameis winston rape

A 1,100-word profile of Jameis Winston includes one line about the alleged assault.
The school allegedly covered up a rape to protect the prized football program.
Legendary ex-Florida State University football coach Bobby Bowden offered harsh words for the team's former star quarterback
When the media writes about rape allegations as merely an "off-field distraction," or refers to Jameis Winston only as a "controversial player," it's minimizing the impact of sexual violence. Rape is more than an off-field distraction, and to define it as such does an injustice to survivors.
No one who was interviewed for "The Hunting Ground" film was paid, representatives for the documentary confirmed to HuffPost
"Had FSU not been deliberately indifferent to Plaintiff’s harassment, discrimination and retaliation, and instead complied
If you were the general manager or coach of an NFL team in charge of personnel decisions, especially due to current events, why would you ever take the risk of drafting Winston? I certainly wouldn't. Who could possibly trust the guy?
"We just see this, unfortunately, in a lot of situations where the police seem very eager to dismiss these cases," said Sandra
Tallahassee, Fla. — Early on the morning of Dec. 7, 2012, a freshman at Florida State University reported that she had been
"Once people see all the affidavits, see the eyewitness testimony, see some of the DNA, see the toxicology report, and the
Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston thanked his family and friends for their support in a statement issued through attorney