James Austin Johnson

“He rose from the dead on the third day, I would have done it faster,” said the faux Trump during this weekend's "SNL" cold open.
"Saturday Night Live" cast member James Austin Johnson reprised his role as the former president in a parody of his visit to the Ohio community.
Trump's digital trading cards are "each $99. Seems like a lot, seems like a scam, and in many ways it is,” Johnson’s "Trump" admitted.
"Per a company-wide email we got this morning, he’s dead to us" after his endorsed candidates bombed in the midterms, Bowen Yang's "Brian Kilmeade" announces.
"We love Truth Social. It’s very great, and in many ways, also terrible,” "Trump" explains. “It’s very bad — very, very bad."
“Folks, I’m trying like hell, I promise,” says “Biden.” “I’m on the Peloton every morning tempting fate.”
Meanwhile "Chuck Schumer" calls DoorDash for mustard on insurrection day, and James Austin Johnson's Trump drowns in word mash.
And Mikey Day's Elon Musk offered 43 billion Peeps to buy Easter.
"Do coup, who do? ... Yes, in many ways it was an intentional, planned coup," says James Austin Johnson's Donald Trump in the cold open.
The comedian went medieval on the former president with a wizard parody.