James Baker

James Baker, the bureau's former general counsel, told Congress that he'd taken Rosenstein's remark seriously, according to reports.
It's just not what Bret Stephens, The New York Times' new columnist, says.
Under cap-and-trade, emitters either buy or are given carbon credits for the right to emit greenhouse gasses. If their emissions
It's time to pitch it to President Donald Trump and other skeptics in the party.
Not everybody is predictable on the Presidential elections crossroads. While we understand Hillary Clinton's solid track-record in politics, Donald Trump seems obscure: running on the extremist platform, his lack of political experience is cited as a selling point -- and he's unpredictable.
Students were performing drills when a weapon discharged, shooting James Baker, 64.
Support of Israel used to be a bipartisan cause and while it remains true that Democrats and Republicans still heavily support Israel, some rifts have developed. The conflict has widened as every Republican in the House of Representatives, except one, voted against the Iran deal.
Getting a new embassy up and running is a tremendous task. Joseph Edward Lake was the second U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia, and the first to reside permanently in the country. He was charged with establishing a functional embassy in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia.
It is vital for United States' interests in the Middle East that America have a chance to try and influence the new emerging Middle East. The road to this opportunity passes through Tehran.
Jeb Bush finally got his answer right. Bowing to the political correctness of the moment, the aspiring President Bush III fell into line and spoke the magic words. If I knew then what I know now, I would not have launched an invasion of Iraq.
Perhaps nothing epitomizes the state of affairs in the Republican Party today more than the estrangement of James Baker from the Republican establishment. Nothing because, for what seems like decades, James Baker was the Republican establishment.
It would be easy to chock up Hillary's maneuver as politics during the beginning of her presidential campaign and call it day. But there's something more to it than that.
Unblinking, blind support for Benjamin Netanyahu appears to be the one issue best able to excite the Republican base.

Remember that post-2012 RNC "autopsy" that was supposed to expand the party? Now comes contender Cruz who wants the base to vote, not grow. Ron Christie & Gara LaMarche debate whether he's the party's RX or poison. And has Baker's break with Bibi created a problem for "Bush45"?

On the topic of negotiations over Iran's nuclear program -- Netanyahu gave a controversial address to a joint session of
"Within the mainstream there are many sub-groups that might differ on one issue or another, including the issue of the best
President Barack Obama made some progress on his agenda in his passage to India. But events in the Middle East and Washington demonstrated again how hamstrung his administration continues to be.