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From what Mr. Brown told me, and as the wonderful new movie, "Get On Up" powerfully shows, whatever frustrations he was dealing with then couldn't begin to match the pain, rejection and daily obstacles he endured as boy and young man.
You probably know that Jill Scott is a critically acclaimed actress. But you may not know some of the dues she paid to get there. She discovered the hard way that there is no book, nor dummy's guide to dealing with fame in Hollywood.
Brown was simply his own man who could embrace, identify with, and at times defend black activism. He clearly wanted the world to see and think of him as much more than an entertainer -- and he knew he'd be both praised and vilified for it.
The way James Brown saw it, the hardships in his life -- born in a shotgun shack in the woods, abandoned by his mother, spending days as a child picking cotton under the hot sun, troubles with the law, substance abuse issues, the betrayal of friends and business associates -- were not disadvantages, but rather, sacred consecrations.
As James Brown’s highly anticipated biopic, “Get On Up,” is set to hit theaters this Friday, The Godfather Of Soul’s legacy
"Get on Up," produced by Brian Grazer, had gone through other iterations. At one time, Spike Lee was to direct. Later, Mick
“So we’re very ginger, but you feel it. I definitely did. I had a stunt coordinator, but I had to let go in order to actually
What were some of the most interesting facts that you learned about him that you didn't know prior to filming? I knew it
Scott also joins Dan Aykroyd among the newest casting additions for "Get On Up." Aykroyd will play Ben Bart, the president
Papa's got a brand-new bag, and this time it's in the form of a biopic. James Brown will finally see his life play out on the big screen now that Universal and Imagine Entertainment are moving forward with the long-gestating film.
According to Variety, Chadwick Boseman, who broke onto the scene this year as Jackie Robinson in "42," will play Brown. Tate
“I had the rights for a very long time, from about 12 years ago. I was really determined to do it for a variety of reasons
Now, however, it appears Lee's version will go the way of his long-planned Jackie Robinson biopic. Deadline.com reports that