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It's still only August, but already the predictions that this would be an exceedingly banal presidential election campaign look like they've already come true. This week's campaign news might be summed up as an elementary school playground shouting match: "You're a bigot!" "No, you're a bigot!" Sigh.
James Carville is in disbelief at the number of people who have donated to Bernie Sanders.
I counted no fewer than a half-dozen films being touted by different bloggers as "the best film of the year" before I even arrived in Canada. A couple of those turned out to be far less impressive than the hype would have you believe.
"There's nothing wrong with her doing that," he said, adding earlier that Colin Powell had also used a personal email address
Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski again hosted Democratic strategist James Carville Wednesday morning to ask him about further developments in the Hillary Clinton email story.
Liberal political commentator and Democratic strategist James Carville will now serve as a recurring guest contributor for
Some Republican state legislators have also called out Jindal for refusing to raise taxes. State Rep. Jay Morris sent an
For in creator Shonda Rhimes' ABC Network Thursday night three-show slate of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder, race doesn't matter.
"That's what Democrats have been doing the entire time. Where, you know, you have maybe some crazy Todd Akin say some stupid
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has a vision for this year's congressional midterm elections. Instead of the apocalyptic scenario of Democrats losing control of the Senate and cementing their minority status in the House, Schumer said he thinks the party can do just fine.
"The hardest thing to do in all of political communications is how do you deal with a bad but somewhat improving economy
Speakers at last week's State of the Coast or SOC 2014 conference at the Ernest Morial Convention Center in New Orleans balanced grim projections for Louisiana's low-lying areas with possible solutions.
Like I said before, no one should be under any illusions that the fundamentals don't favor the GOP in this election cycle
Why, if most Americans reject discrimination, do their elected legislatures support it? And, in particular, that means the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.
The Democratic strategist made the jump almost exactly one year after his departure from CNN in January 2013. The former
How do I know? For starters, I’ve been to Kentucky. I’m impressed by the disciplined campaign she’s building and her bold
(Photo: Vogue) (Photo: Norman Jean Roy/Vogue) Below, an image of the couple featured in Vogue (story continues below): James
It is becoming increasingly plain that the most formidable obstacle to national progress and global security is the Republican Party -- and specifically the extremist factions that currently dominate the GOP.
Now all our plans have been wrecked. How can we celebrate our Golden Anniversary when the Supreme Court of these United States has just made a grotesque mockery of marriage itself?