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President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of eight federal drug defendants on Wednesday, including four who were set to die in federal prison, as part of a new initiative to reduce harsh sentences for nonviolent crimes.
Deputy Attorney General James Cole said in a statement that the eight people granted clemency on Wednesday were "sentenced
But Cole noted that the prosecutor still gets to decide. Legal experts advised against taking the step, and one of them, Gregory
Republicans seemed angry and surprised to learn that a Reagan administration policy is hampering their efforts to prosecute former IRS official Lois Lerner.
Deputy Attorney General James Cole was asked about the subpoena during a media briefing on a separate topic on Wednesday
For the first time since Bill Clinton famously wandered through the press cabin in Air Force One asking, "You got anybody you wanna pardon?", a president is actively seeking candidates to have their sentences shortened. Unlike Clinton, Obama is asking the question seriously.
Mary Price of Families Against Mandatory Minimums, who attended Tuesday's meeting, told NPR that she was "really encouraged
"They have to have reasonable, articulable suspicion that that person is engaged in some sort of activity that could be illegal
"Every nation collects foreign intelligence. That is not unique to the United States," he said in opening remarks at the
Christopher Simondet Authorities in Massachusetts are investigating the disappearance of 53-year-old Bill McCarthy. According
WASHINGTON -- The case of a Georgia sheriff accused of selling pot to undercover FBI agents seems to be one of the first
“This office has always prioritized cases involving key federal interests: protecting federal lands, disrupting international
“We looked at this and the conclusion was this doesn’t really change anything for us,” said Amanda Marshall, the U.S. Attorney
U.S. Attorney John Walsh of Colorado said his office was going to focus on "cases involving marijuana trafficking directly
This announcement is the recognition by the U.S. Department of Justice, which has been the primary obstacle for reform of marijuana laws for 40 years, that the political reality has changed.
DAGMemo8-29-13 "Of particular concern to the U.S. Attorney’s Office are cases involving marijuana trafficking directly or
WASHINGTON -- Government agents may only access a National Security Agency database of all domestic phone calls in the United
"So do I have a reasonable expectation of privacy in any information that I share with any company?" Farenthold shot back
Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., under fire over investigative tactics in leak cases, has opened internal discussions
The news this week about the DOJ looking at the phone logs of journalists covering the White House, and of the IRS scrutinizing the tax returns of various right-wing groups, is bad for the Obama administration. They are also much more likely to stick than the Benghazi story.