james comer

The House oversight committee on Tuesday asked the State Department for records related to Joe Biden's role in Ukraine when he was vice president.
Republicans are acting out of "humiliating subservience" to Donald Trump, according to the Maryland Democrat.
The GOP is weighing whether to open an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden this fall.
A transcript reveals that former Hunter Biden associate Devon Archer said the opposite of what Republicans claimed he said.
Parnas said Republicans should “abandon” their investigation of the president and his son because they’re re-treading ground he already covered.
It turns out the man House Republicans have pushed as a whistleblower on Hunter Biden is facing federal charges of his own.
Republican statements about the bribery allegation "are plainly inconsistent" with what the FBI told lawmakers last week, according to the Maryland Democrat.
Comer, who leads a so-far fruitless House Oversight Committee investigation of the Biden family, had another embarrassing moment on Fox News.
The progressive lawmaker fact-checked the Republican committee chair to put him in his place.
The House Oversight chairman is escalating his fight over the unverified 2020 tip, but the committee's top Democrat says Trump’s DOJ passed on it.