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The former Knicks player was arrested at a game this week. The team's security chief has been fired.
In the face of this public backlash, there are ways for a strategy team to end up on the winning end.
“What other choices do we have? What else would you suggest?”
The worst owner in the NBA did the best thing, for once.
They've had the NBA's highest payroll this century, and have won nothing.
Beverley's other asset is his 3-point shooting. He is a career 36 percent shooter from distance, and though he's a bit prone
In a league where the majority of players are women of color, we cannot remain silent when a man who has made racially charged, sexist statements is appointed to a position of power. Isiah Thomas is not qualified to lead the community he victimized.
There is a tendency in sports to give breaks to the people who are good at their jobs. We should not do this. But it certainly seems to happen. But when it comes to Isiah Thomas, there is simply no evidence that he is actually good at judging talent.
Here we are, in 2015, and Isiah Thomas is running a WNBA franchise. It seems fair to wonder, as a national issue, are we essentially saying racism is intolerable, but sexism, not so much?