james gunn

The director shut down a commenter who attacked his "woke" casting of British-Nigerian actor Chukwudi Iwuji in the upcoming Marvel film.
The DC Studios co-lead revealed "we'll announce a few things in not too long," however, casting "won't be one of them."
Director James Gunn said the actor will "never be replaced" in Marvel films despite fan backlash.
The "Guardians of the Galaxy" director owned up to the theft.
The LGBTQ community has long claimed the bespectacled detective as one of their own.
Why didn't Marty's parents recognize him? Screenwriter Bob Gale gets asked all the time.
Coppola had whacked the superhero flicks, calling them "despicable."
The comedian was noticeably absent from the season's opening episodes.
The Oscar-winning director won't even deign to watch one in its entirety.
The director was removed from the film last summer after far-right bloggers drew attention to tasteless tweets he'd made years earlier.