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The gun-loving linebacker's picture triggers criticism.
British hurdler Liam Collins went undercover for Al Jazeera.
In a culture overly saturated with "political correctness" -- where the slightest comment challenging social norms is vociferously attacked -- it was refreshing to read a post asserting that any honor or success must be earned and not assumed.
While earning good grades and participating in a sport might be easy and and effortless for some, it is quite an achievement for a young man or woman who battles hunger, an unpredictable home life, and other challenges.
When you're nine years old, it's probable that your best isn't going to be good enough. Maybe when you're that age the functions associated with being on a team, learning to accept that other people play before you and that you're not cut out to be an athlete may actually be your best.
"Sometimes your best is not enough, and that should drive you to want to do better."
As the outlet reported, Harrison's own daughter, Tracey Mellowship, had been one of the approximate 17 percent of women who
This Australian man has saved more than two million babies.
A representative for the police department could not be immediately reached for comment. Harrison's mother had called for