James Hormel

Do you really want to read another think piece about Donald Trump's first 100 days? This is better.
I am willing to accept his apology, which Ambassador Hormel has now accepted, even if reluctantly, because Hagel will work for President Obama, and I don't believe the president would nominate anyone to this sensitive position who will not be supportive of the LGBT community.
The expected nomination of Senator Hagel to defense secretary has prompted the Log Cabin Republicans to take a full-page ad criticizing his gay rights record. HuffPost Senior Political Reporter Amanda Terkel joins Ahmed to break this down.
The ad by the conservative gay rights group criticizes Hagel's record on issues of LGBT equality. View the Log Cabin Republicans
But Frank is not the only prominent member of the LGBT community to oppose Hagel. The Log Cabin Republicans recently placed
Hagel's statement, via the Washington Post: Former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) released a statement Friday apologizing for
James Hormel, born in 1933 in the heart of the Depression, was mostly sheltered from the economic crisis facing the United