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For those who care about the environment, the only choice is to look forward toward mobilizing in 2017 -- with the goal of
They're cheering all the "winning" they'll do under Donald Trump.
Sen. James Inhofe gave the retiring Californian a touching send-off: "You can disagree with someone, and love ‘em anyway.”
Beyond oil and gas issues, Catanzaro also lobbies against President Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan, which calls for regulating
"People are the cornerstones of social movements," Green underscored when we spoke. "The more people pay attention to the
Sen. James Inhofe thanks God that people like him are fighting Obama's "undemocratic edict" supporting transgender rights.
Sen. James Inhofe took to the Senate floor to accuse the Obama administration of engaging in a "social experiment" as part of the liberal agenda in its attempt to protect the rights of transgender Americans.
In Washington D.C. last week, a former Army general told a Senate committee that the U.S. military is being distracted and soldiers are being put at risk because the Department of Defense (DoD) has become "an unwitting agent for propagandizing the dangers of climate change."
ExxonMobil claims it supports a revenue-neutral carbon tax and its lobbyists "have echoed that message in countless private briefings with members of Congress on carbon tax policy options." Then why do most ExxonMobil-funded lawmakers oppose the idea?