James Joyce

A statistician ran the analysis on popular and classic books, and the results are in.
In the cool telling, Hare suggests that having everything might be a form of having nothing and does so in a plot where, traveling
Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh I think of Harriet as an ornery alternative to Nancy Drew. She's misanthropic, misunderstood
Offering affordable "Lawn Tickets" - Tanglewood makes possible listening to the greats, beneath the starry skies. The Tanglewood
Matt Bogart shows a different side of James Joyce in "Himself and Nora."
If the following four plays are anywhere near as strong as the initial entry, audiences throughout the City are in for a tremendous treat.
Its singular take offers a portrait of the artist as a man, focusing on his turbulent decades-long relationship with Nora
Ironically, I have found most people who I consider to be of first-rate intelligence to be quite humorous, e.g. Robert Reich
We will be taking the opportunity to revisit some incredible books by Irish authors, from enduring classics to powerful memoirs to contemporary novels that are taking the literary world by storm. So take your pick and spend this March 17th celebrating Ireland through the written word.
At home, she is. Alone, I hope. Sirens are outside the bar, the song of the police, rubber necks, don't look back. Put in