James Joyce

A statistician ran the analysis on popular and classic books, and the results are in.
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Founded in 1927 by 25-year-old burgeoning Entrepreneur Ben Bass with only $66. The Strand is still operated by family members
Matt Bogart shows a different side of James Joyce in "Himself and Nora."
If the following four plays are anywhere near as strong as the initial entry, audiences throughout the City are in for a tremendous treat.
Himself and Nora is a well-crafted tribute to two amazing people. And it chronicles a daring writer, capturing his time and
Throughout my sporadic academic career I have been extremely fortunate to study with top caliber professors such as Alexander
We will be taking the opportunity to revisit some incredible books by Irish authors, from enduring classics to powerful memoirs to contemporary novels that are taking the literary world by storm. So take your pick and spend this March 17th celebrating Ireland through the written word.
What are you reading these days? she asks. James Joyce. Ulysses. No way. No one understands that. Swamped now, huge waves
James Joyce holds a kind of sway over all Irish literature written in English, mostly because of Ulysses. Whether the novel deserves that sway remains open to debate. What some readers consider a work of great genius is held by others to be one of profound linguistic nuttiness.
ACT Theatre recently premiered Bloomsday, a play in which a couple who once met in Dublin dances through time and space to reunite and reconnect while asking the "what if" question that plagues so many of us at some point in our lives.
What defines Irish poetry today? A survey of recently published Irish titles suggests the striking variety of voices, aesthetics, and anxieties emerging from the Emerald Isle.
In the world of renowned and important authors, it can be argued that no writer has every given us as many interesting real life tales and correspondence than the "Papa" of 20th century fiction: Ernest Hemingway.
Falling asleep late Sunday night, all felt right in the world. My world at least. Gazing up at an ink-black sky littered by stars, my thoughts drifted elsewhere while I shifted restlessly on my friend's futon.
So maybe Matisse did tap into the writer's mind, or maybe their works had a natural affinity. They were, after all, exploring
Here is a mental exercise of employing standard publisher rejection templates as they might have been used for some of the great (or notorious) classics of Western Civilization.