James Madison

I remember traveling the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe after the fall of Communism. I found it interesting to see
A battle over efforts to call a constitutional convention is currently taking place throughout the country. Occurring below
The system wasn’t supposed to work this way. The Founding Fathers deliberately devised a structure in which someone like
Our nation's Founders knew that because the presidency "was to be administered by a single man ... corruption was more within the compass of probable events," as James Madison explained.
This is not what the Constitution's framers envisioned. James Madison, in Federalist #10, warned of this situation, in which
With election day fast approaching, it's worth asking: What is a voter responsible for doing?
The theatrical film, Hell or High Water, by design or coincidence, offers a useful vehicle for an important national concern.
The American Constitution has been called "the most wonderful work ever struck off at a given time by the brain and purpose of man." It was authored by men who had surpassing confidence in the human mind--men who were convinced that people were capable of "establishing good government from reflection and choice," to the end that self-evident truths about human nature, discernible through reason, would be honored in social life.