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Lone star ticks hunt in packs and spread an allergy to beef and pork. Thanks to climate change, they're spreading.
Several schools have reported that their students in the region are all accounted for.
"I am looking for a new bike. Can you help?" "Can you fix my flat tire?" "I do that as well. Everyone on the block is going
James Madison University’s football team is on a roll.
Colleges and universities can help prepare citizens for the challenges and opportunities related to working in their community by developing new programs and structures that meet their civic-minded vision and mission.
"Now this is a little creepy thing to do but necessary so let’s keep this low key."
Butters filed a federal complaint against the university in 2014, prompting the Education Department to open an investigation
Amid the debates and staggeringly strong ticket sales, student journalists nationwide are weighing in with their own reviews of American Sniper and commentaries on its political and cultural significance.
Some of the attendees brought rainbow-colored flags and protest signs to Jackson's sermons. According to JMU newspaper The
Students and alumni from James Madison University are petitioning the Virginia school to reform its policies punishing sexual