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"Policies that fail to protect our planet are not only against Catholic teaching but are also immoral.”
South America and Central America had a long tradition of oligarchies and what we now call crony capitalism, in which government
Like many, I admire the inspiration and passion of Pope Francis. He is truly concerned for the poor and the suffering and
I am a red-blooded American male. I love my wife and kids, football, cold beer, and when conditions are just right (rude
Aldous Huxley was fascinated with elites. In his novel Brave New World (1931) he creates a society of Alphas ruling over Betas, Deltas, Gammas and Epsilons in a caste system state order. The rules of society are simple.
Watch the segment above. Rabbi Jason Miller, Imam Shamsi Ali and Fr. James Martin joined HuffPost Live host Caroline Modarressy
GREEN SPIRIT vs CLIMATE CHANGE It’s been a rocky ride for the past week and a half as Bishops from around the world gathered
Who is Jesus? Why another book on this first-century Jewish man? Why have I spent years studying the life of an itinerant preacher from a backward town?
Later, Hoffman turned to Martin to help him prepare for his role as Fr. Flynn in the movie "Doubt." During "The Last Days
In his visit to the favela, speaking to the poor, the pope also used some words dear to me--"social justice," "solidarity," "inequalities"--that I believe are at the heart of what we need to be thinking about as Christians in the modern world.
James Martin, the technology pioneer whose Pulitzer Prize-nominated book, The Wired Society, predicted the coming of the internet age, has died aged 79.
Bronnie Ware, an Australian nurse who works many years in palliative care, has compiled a list of the top five regrets dying patients would express to her. What would you regret? This and more in the latest headlines in religion and death.
For a small fee, I will address one (or, fingers crossed, both) conventions and will do a fine job. Here is a list of my qualifications, plus why I'll get out the vote for your party, should I be invited by your wonderful party, which, by the way, I have always supported.
Rev. Martin explained the Twitter effort in an email to The Huffington Post: With his opening tweets, the immensely popular
It's a central part of worship -- or should be -- and many figures in many different religions have urged this message.
Wonder why America can't seem to keep up with nations like Germany and China on advanced energy policy? Perhaps it's because the Energy Department spends ten times more on nuclear weapons than energy conservation.
Buried beneath the shock and anger, especially for Catholics, however, is a searing question: How could this happen?