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Earnestly hoping his return from retirement will be just like Mike's.
Murphy has been trying to get the city to install music-making turnstiles for almost 20 years, and it looks like things are
But after repeated brushoffs from the Metropolitan Transit Authority and former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the former LCD
"Each line would be a piece," said Murphy. "The green line would go through different chords and when they intersected with
When we first meet them in this laugh out loud comedy Last Vegas, Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, and Michael
Something Mike Nichols chose to do when directing the final moments of Harold Pinter's Betrayal annoyed me so I had to remind myself that up until then, the revered director had brought unusual insight and vitality to the nine-scene intermissionless play.
Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard joins Josh to talk about why he supports Hillary Clinton running for President in 2016.
Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard joins Josh to talk about accepting his Oscar from Mel Gibson, and why it was "nerve-racking."
(Hat tip, HyperVocal via @Parva_X) James and Roxanne Murphy of York, Pa., were charged last week on 27 criminal counts, including

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Despacio's speakers and vinyl-only mandates are a reaction to the over-compressed, super intense
The Rapture, Murphy's LCD Soundsystem bandmates, Juan Maclean, Gavin Russom, Prinzhorn Dance School and Holy Ghost! all make
The fourth annual LuckyRice Festival, which will be in New York City from April 29-May 5. The 10 scheduled events feature cuisines and dishes that run the gamut, from rice and ramen to Siamese (northern Thai) and the awesome sounding "This Stinks! Fermented Food Favorites From Asia.
Their sound is a sexy mashup of Stevie Nicks, The xx, Florence + The Machine and many, many rockers who have come before
In making the film, do you think you're going to be pretty literal with the images? No. I don't know what that would mean
After a video emerged of Murphy and Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner playing around in the studio, a number of sites
Shifting gears a bit, can you tell me about Made in America? It was incredible, and of course it's another version of really
While this is the LUCKYRICE Festival's first go in LA, it is in its third year in New York, and recently sold out of tickets
"It was bizarre. It was a very bizarre case. We've never had anything like this happen," Saratoga County District Attorney
NBC Chicago reports that the festival is being organized by Chicago native Brandon Carone along with Dino Gardiakos of Spybar