James Patterson

On Thursday, the best-selling author pledged $500,000 to a new campaign: #SaveIndieBookstores.
Bill Clinton has teamed up with James Patterson to write a novel called The President is Missing, and it won’t be out until
“It will be informed by insider details that only a president can know.”
A statistician ran the analysis on popular and classic books, and the results are in.
Gout has already made a name for himself as an artist and filmmaker. Now turning to film, television, books and even virtual
With over 300 million copies of his books sold worldwide, including 114 New York Times bestsellers and 67 New York Times
This is a very satisfying Alex Cross book as it answers some of the questions that have been raised previously concerning Cross' childhood and family lore. We learn through this story the why and how of Alex Cross, and what has brought him to this point in his life.
Celebrities and public figures are often thought of as "untouchable." If you're lucky, you'll run into one at the airport or a restaurant and get an autograph or selfie with them.