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Movie Review - Jackie K Cooper "Equity" (Sony Pictures Classics) James Purefoy plays Michael, Naomi's lover. He is also a
James Purefoy presumably wasn't drawing on life experience for his last major American TV role, the messianic serial killer Joe Carroll in The Following. It's a different story with Hap and Leonard, the new Sundance Channel series that launches Wednesday.
We really feel they execute some awesome and mature thrills, especially for a non-cable network. We came to watch The Following after Dexter ended and we weren't disappointed.
"The Following" may be a little different this season. Fleeting or not, that's a reunion that fans will not want to miss
Aside from a less violent approach, the series also has a new setting: New York. "This is the type of show where I think
The show is frequently and fervently discussed online; do you follow any of the reactions to the episodes as they're airing
Jacob and Emma have a disagreement about whether to trust Joe in the penultimate episode of Fox's "The Following" Season 1, titled "The End Is Near."
"The Following" airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. The Havenport Police Department is brought onto the case and Roderick's
One of the promotional clips shows Joe asking Jacob to forgive Emma. How does Jacob feel about having to follow orders again
The trailer shows Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) free and mingling with his hundreds (thousands?) of "friends" and promises
Meanwhile, at the love bungalow, it came out that Paul had never actually killed anyone. So Emma decided he should kill the
What did you think of "Mad Love"? Are you glad to see Ryan opening up a little more? Were you surprised by the developments
Emma and Paul's dynamic is particularly interesting because there's so much antagonism and suspicion and jealousy there. It
It didn't come in time to save the agent assigned to protect her, but it was enough for Parker to feel as duped and foolish
What initially attracted you to the role of Claire? Funny enough, it wasn’t necessarily the role -- rather, it was the script
Full of pulse-pounding moments and clever writing, The Following proves to be the next greatest serial killer drama.
A taut first hour heralded the network debut of Kevin Bacon in his first television role. He stars opposite the deliciously
You made an interesting observation on the TCA panel that these followers Joe's gathering really don't need any coercion
Ultimately, my dislike for "The Following" has less to do with its gore factor than with its essential laziness, silliness and pretentiousness. Certain aspects of the plot don't make much sense, but that's really the tip of the iceberg.
"I think I'm most excited for fans to be surprised," Kevin Bacon told HuffPost TV. "That's the kind of thing that makes this