james robertson

If Simoff's story has a familiar ring to it, it's because last month there were stories written about a Detroit man who for
Police said Robertson has been asked for money since his windfall. His decision to seek a safer location was motivated in
The Michigan man who walked 21 miles to work everyday got an unexpected gift.
The unexpected gift is the latest in an outpouring of donations from supporters across the globe who, touched by James Robertson's
“He’s kind of a private person, doesn’t bother anybody. He’s the kind of person you can depend on. He’s a good man," she
If this story doesn’t give you just a little more faith in humanity, we don’t know what will.
It takes James Robertson eight hours to make the 46-mile commute to and from work. He walks 21 of those miles every day. After
Under Democratic control, Congress is doing even worse on illegal spying than the Republicans.