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The Obama administration's statements about the three Al Jazeera journalists are encouraging and ring true to the needs of both the Egyptian and the American people, but it's unsure whether they are in the right position to point their finger just yet.
Since the question as to what military action -- if any -- the United States will take in Iraq is on everyone's mind, the following are answers Kerry gave to questions directly or indirectly referring to that issue.
Kim's case attracted significant media attention after it was revealed that the Justice Department treated the Fox News reporter
Rosen was never charged, and the Justice Department said there were no plans to charge him. Instead, prosecutors said Kim
Fox News correspondent defends Obamacare to Bill O'Reilly: "I’m Just Gonna Traffic In Facts"
The government is not above the people, but below it. "We the people" created this government; when it encroaches on our freedoms, it is our constitutional right and duty to encroach on its freedoms.
It's the job of Congress and the Judiciary to continuously guarantee that our constitutional rights are not being violated. The War on Terror does not provide any exception toward the prosecution of those duties.
WASHINGTON -- Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday he was "not comfortable" approving a search warrant affidavit for
The U.S. media made themselves vulnerable to attack by the Department of Justice by standing aside as WikiLeaks and Army Pfc. Bradley Manning were targeted several years ago, Julian Assange told The Huffington Post in an interview from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.
"It is a disgrace to charge [Manning with] communicating with the enemy and to make it a capital offense -- to threaten to
I for one believe the bar should be very, very high -- that is two "very's" -- before any reporter should have to be subpoenaed to testify and required to reveal the source of a story.
The criminalization of journalists in the United States is not a new occurrence, but the overt and veiled threats to reporters and their sources is becoming less of a rarity.
"It is often the practice in cases where you have investigations that you target somebody for the purpose of gathering information
Shaye had regular access, for instance, to Anwar al-Awlaki, the American citizen and cleric whom Obama recently admitted
Bush said he had read Rosen's book on former Attorney General John Mitchell, who served under President Nixon and went to
Free speech advocates and many in the media took umbrage with these actions, calling them a violation of the First Amendment
The Attorney General’s testimony concerning the potential prosecution of a member of the press was accurate and consistent
The Justice Department's recent actions towards the media is so disturbing because it represents a step backward to a much uglier time, with fewer legal protections for the press. There is a very fine line between targeting leaking and targeting the media who print the leaks.