James Tate

Poet and editor Matthew Zapruder says poetry doesn’t have to be so inaccessible.
To combat the growth, residents often mow adjacent lots themselves. One group, who call themselves the "Mower Gang," have
Councilman Kwame Kenyatta strongly opposed the measure, indicating that he felt the city would be selling itself short with
Detroit City Council Member James Tate told The Huffington Post in a pre-election interview that he didn't think the proposal
"Public Act 4, the consent agreement and the future of Detroit are inextricably tied right now," said coalition member Russ
In Michigan's largest city, 67 percent of children live in poverty. How can they not? Unemployment in Detroit is thought to be close to 50 percent by the city's mayor.
"She knows it's important to think outside of yourself," her father said. "She just has that kind of giving heart." "It looks
Unlike my doomsday prom invitation, these elaborately popped questions are dead romantic and can be kind of expensive, too. They are proof that chivalry abides.
WATCH: She says the parents and students were made aware of this by daily announcements, posted signs, letters and automated