james thurber

"Sex is by no means everything. It varies, as a matter of fact, from only as high as 78 percent of everything to as low as 3.10 percent. "
During her lifetime, Maya Angelou, the great author and poet, was nominated for a Pulitzer, awarded the National Medal of
Stiller long ago established himself as the premier proponent of humiliation comedy. Even when he's playing a jerk (as in
Not to harp too much on nostalgia, but I am curious if you're surprised that people today appreciate "The Cable Guy," considering
Harry Crews' Karate is a Thing of the Spirit was the literary man's version of Sun Tzu's The Art of War. All We Need of Hell
Here's the link: THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY (teacher's questions optional). Tickets to the 51st New York Film Festival
I'm in New York. We just finished some gigs and I saw my friend get married, and before that, we made a really cool album. We're starting our 25th year as a band and this record is the beginning of it.
There are many on Facebook who already question my sanity. Heaven knows, I myself question it much of the time. Usually, however, it doesn't answer me back in squeaks or leave droppings behind the piano.
This will be Stiller's fourth directorial effort, after "Reality Bites," "The Cable Guy," "Zoolander" and "Tropic Thunder
Flannery O'Connor is best remembered for her potent fictions, and to a lesser extent for her unfortunate life (she eked out
We're fickle; we know. So, when given the daunting task of choosing a college, how are we supposed to know that by the end of the year we'll still even like the college we applied to early on?
Stiller is currently filming his frequent collaborator Noah Baumbach's latest film, "Tower Heist," with Eddie Murphy, Casey
The media is not completely responsible for the state of the debate over healthcare reform. The Democrats have done such a poor job of presenting their case that they really bear the lion's share of blame.
The collective naval-gazing of reporters and publishers far exceeds the outcry when free downloads upended the music industry and streaming video tanked television ratings, because when a crisis hits the writers it's what we write about.
My production note to studio chiefs: come film New Orleans' alternate reality and then give your writers a piece of the new media pie.