james watson

He said in a documentary that he finds "no joy" in what he said are the differences in intelligence between blacks and whites.
And unless our conservation strategy changes, it will likely only get worse.
Forget about the static little ladder you heard about in biology class. DNA wiggles like crazy and keeps changing its shape.
By now it's well known to theatergoers that Nicole Kidman is back on stage and in Anna Ziegler's Photograph 51 after a 17-year lapse. She's returned in a piece noticeably different from her last offering, The Blue Room, where she gained beaucoup publicity for appearing totally undressed.
If you're James Watson, who shared a 1962 Nobel for his role in the discovery of the structure of DNA, it's worth about $4.76
According to E! News, Maddie, Jamie Lynn's 5–year–old daughter, served as flower girl, while Britney's sons were ring bearers
I think it's fair to say that Richwine is making a fraudulent argument that, contrary to his claims of good science, is the product of his own personal and ideological needs rather than of any good data. The interesting question is why he needs to do this.
Dr. Steitz will be honored as the 2012 Pearl Meister Greengard Award recipient on the evening of November 29th at The Rockefeller University's iconic Caspary Auditorium.
According to biocentrism, the mind transcends space and time in that they're its tools, and not the other way around. This conception of reality dissolves human individuality.
Upon what scientific basis did James Watson, the eminent scientist, make his claim about differences in intelligence between Africans and those of European descent?
There's a huge group of people out there who believe an apology is due to political correctness, shutting up someone who is delivering an uncomfortable truth.
James Watson isn't the first gene devotee who subscribes to the crude notion that biology is destiny. Such a belief runs contrary to even the most basic kind of wisdom.
When Cosby speaks, people listen. The problem is what they're hearing is only a skewed, mangled view of the cause and effect of racial problems in America.
Like "intelligence", the term "race" is ill-defined in science. The extent to which racial classifications of humans reflect any underlying biological reality is highly controversial.