James Watt

The interior secretary's critics say he's no Teddy Roosevelt — not by a long shot.
Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington D.C., deserves at least an honorable mention, for standing strong in the face of threats of jail time from House Republicans, for allowing the will of the voters (70 percent of them) to become law this week.
I've learned from fifteen years in the eco-trenches that the fight to protect our planet from pollution is more than just a fight against ExxonMobil or Charles and David Koch; it's ultimately a fight against the Reagan legacy.
Fighting a religious war is no way to maintain a democracy. It's not even a great way to maintain a religion. The challenge for Pagans, today and over the long haul, is to use our spiritual beliefs to galvanize us to action.
"Beer has been brewed for over 10,000 years, and this is the strongest beer the planet has ever seen," Watt boasts. "This
Over the past few months BrewDog have continued to produce stronger and stronger beers. By commenting on this irresponsible
Not since James Watt has there been a political figure so loved by the "right" -- and so reviled by the "left."