James Zadroga

The comedian and first responders won one more sponsor for the 9/11 bill, but the day took its toll.
"If Congress can't come together and help the first responders ... we may as well forget this place altogether."
WASHINGTON -- Jon Stewart learned a new reason Wednesday to respect the heroes of 9/11 who have spent years lobbying Congress
Responders are relieved cancer will be covered, but it also creates problems because covering cancer is much more expensive
"This woman needs to get this up and running quick, but I do give her credit for getting this part out in, what, 35 days
New York bashing is back. The GOP scuttling of the 9/11 health bill suggests it makes sense to sue to get your due. Not the message the trial-lawyer-averse Republicans might have wanted to send, but they sent it.
The 9/11 health bill faces a vote in the Senate. Democratic backers are one Republican vote short of passage.
This should not be a partisan fight. We have an undeniable, moral obligation to provide our 9/11 heroes with all the care they need.
With all their vitriol about a mosque near Ground Zero, leading Republicans seem to forget that twenty-one days ago, 155 Republican representatives voted to defeat the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010.
Why is Bloomberg -- who in his two terms as mayor ceded virtually all law enforcement authority to NYPD Commissioner Kelly -- now becoming a Terrorism Tough Guy?