James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act

Everyone knows I'm with Hillary. And while there are many reasons why I support her candidacy, her role as a leader in the fight to address the 9/11 health crisis is one example of why I believe she will do great things for our country as President.
The measure will effectively make health care permanent for people who came forward to help in the aftermath of the terror attacks.
Lawmakers have agreed to earmark $8 billion in this year's measure to keep the government open.
Clinton helped write the first 9/11 health bills in the Senate when she represented New York.
Sources say the Energy and Commerce Committee is mistakenly cutting the bill and almost left off the name.
Stewart returns to implore lawmakers to finally pass a permanent law to help 9/11 responders.
The heroes called the Senate majority leader "deplorable" for stalling Sept. 11 legislation.
9/11 responders were forced to make their case for a permanent 9/11 bill in the hallway after a chairman's staff refused to invite them in.
"It's ... ironic that we sit here now, a few days after Paris had their 9/11, to take care of the folks who responded to ours," one advocate says.