jamie anderson

While Anderson doesn't think yoga should be an Olympic sport, she certainly brought her vinyasa practice to the Olympics. Below, the nature-loving California girl tells us how she chilled out with meditation, mala beads, and a few relaxing poses the night before her big win.
That's the gist of Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen's message to athletes following U.S. Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson's
Anderson, 23, might not be the only one scanning the social dating app. Last month, before arriving in Sochi, New Zealand
Jones had been in gold position after her second run delighted the crowd and earned high marks from the judges. Her 87.25
In the past three decades snowboarding has broken into the Olympics, grown into a billion-dollar industry and, most importantly, established a new fellowship on the snow, uniting people from the U.S. to Japan.