jamie bell

The Welsh actor gives listeners their first taste of the movie's soundtrack with his take on a 1972 classic.
In her new movie "Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool," Bening plays Old Hollywood actress Gloria Grahame.
Anyone who's been bombarded with the TV ads for Josh Trank's Fantastic Four shouldn't be chastised for sprinting away from any multiplex screening this latest Marvel concoction.
Dos estrenos de cine de esta semana que te darán sorpresas: de las buenas y de las malas. Aquí te cuento cuál es cuál.
Directed by Josh Trank, who made such a splash with Chronicle a few years ago, this latest Fantastic Four works so hard to go so far off-model that one wonders why they bothered at all if what they were going to end up with was so numbingly unoriginal.
The latest trailer for Marvel's "Fantastic Four" reboot debuted at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, and now it's here
For more with Jamie Bell, watch the video above. "It's a huge responsibility," he said. "I think people were kind of confused