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“I think I'm OK to tell this,” Dornan said as he recalled a time Beatty wanted to help someone who appeared to be in need.
Dornan's pal Gordon Smart explained the wild reason both men came down with heart attack-like symptoms during a golf trip to Portugal.
The Irish actor said the unknown fan showed up at his front door.
The star candidly reflected on making "those big naked movies" in a new profile.
“Why would you leave him at home?” the “Belfast” star said of his longtime friend.
A true-crime documentary and a sci-fi movie starring Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan are two of the top picks on the streaming platform.
The "Wonder Woman" star said she tried to "do a good deed" during the coronavirus pandemic but the video was "not the right good deed."
The actor shared how he got "dragged into" the ill-received viral video created in response to the coronavirus pandemic starring Gal Gadot and many other celebrities.